7-Piece Corral Fence



Our 7-Piece Corral Fence includes 6 fence panels and 1 walk-through gate that fit together easily and stay connected. This fence set is a perfect replica of panels and gates out on every farm. Our fence panels are easy for children to connect and build their own fence and can easily be expanded by purchasing additional panel sets. Great for constructing toy farm and ranch fencing as well as toy rodeo and riding arenas. 

For even more farm fun, check out our Large Ranch Set!


PLAYABLE & COLLECTIBLE: Fits with Big Country Toys full line of 1:20 scale farm and rodeo vehicles, figurines, animals, and accessories.


Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches)
7-Piece Corral - Panel 6.5 0.25 3.25
7-Piece Corral - Gate 6.5 0.25 4.25

(1:20 scale)


Made from our proprietary blend of plastic that creates durable and lifelike toys.

Other Information:

Item #414

Lifetime Warranty on our 7 Piece Toy Corral Fence Panel Set 

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