FLW Tournament Trailer

$39.95 $9.99

Our NEW FLW Tournament Trailer is the perfect gift for little FLW fans! The FLW Tournament Trailer includes a stage and 2 staircases that connect to each other and the trailer, podium, announce, trophy, and winners check. The FLW Trailer features a side door that functions as an awning for the stage and opens to an internal compartment where you can store the stage and accessories. 

Host your own FLW event by pairing our FLW Tournament Trailer with our NEW Bass Fishing Set and Jumbo Fishing Play Mat. 

Product  Measurements (L x W x H)
FLW Trailer  21" x 4.75" x 6.5"
Stage  9" x 4" x 2"
Stairs (each) 1.825" x 1.625" x 1.75"
Podium  2" x 2" x 0.75"
Announcer  3.5" x 1.25" x 1.25"
Trophy  1" x 1" x 0.25"
Check  2" x 1"

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