Avoiding The Summer Reading Slide

Summer is a time that is meant to be spent outdoors. 

It’s a time where children have a break from school and can enjoy the outdoors.  Camping, swimming, or days at the park and zoo are all great ways to enjoy summer but the most important activity your child should continue this summer is reading.  You may have seen Big Country post about the “summer slide” along with some tips to avoid this but many may wonder what this is.  The “summer slide” is a level of learning loss that some children can experience if they do not engage in educational activities during the summer months.   

Overall, the best way to avoid this type of learning loss is to be an educational coach for your child.  As an educational coach, it is important to set reading goals, enforce daily practice, and reward your child for their hard summer work!  Incorporating reading during daily activities also helps lessen the learning loss.  So, when you and your young one take a trip to the zoo, have them read to you about their favorite animal!  These types of activities make reading fun for children and they will want to continue to read and learn more. 

Incorporating arts and crafts also helps the creativity of your child. 

Including activities like drawing or writing encourages creativity and this can easily be done just by asking them to draw their favorite animal after the zoo visit. 

Reading material can also be of benefit to you as a coach.  Children want to read fun and adventurous books as it sparks their imagination and curiosity.  If you are currently looking for new reading material, our book collection is a great place to start and will be an absolute hit for your child’s nighttime reading.

Homeroom, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education speaks more on the summer slide for all levels of education – from elementary to high school students.  For more information on how you can become a better educational coach or ways to avoid the “summer slide” visit Homeroom here.